Security FAQs

Who are your supported stations?

  • Acadian Monitoring Services
  • Affiliated Monitoring, Inc
  • Alarm Capital Alliance
  • Alarm Center
  • Alarm Central
  • Alarm Central (MA)
  • Alarm Central Station, Inc.
  • Alarm Financial Services
  • Alarm Funding - AFA
  • Alarm IP
  • Alarm Monitoring Services
  • AlarmWatch
  • All American Monitoring
  • American Digital
  • American Two-Way
  • Ameriguard Security & Communications
  • API Monitoring
  • Armstrong's Communication
  • Avantguard
  • AZ Security
  • Buckeye Protective Services
  • Cen-Signal (Central Station)
  • Cencom, Inc
  • Centerpoint Technologies
  • Central Alarm Control
  • Central Dispatch
  • Central District Alarm, Inc.
  • Central Station Inc.
  • Central Station Monitoring (CSM)
  • CentraLarm
  • Consolidated Monitoring Ltd
  • COPS Monitoring
  • Counterforce
  • Crime Prevention Security Systems & Universal Monitoring
  • Criticom Monitoring Services (CMS)
  • CSS Central Station
  • Design Communications
  • Dispatch Center, Ltd
  • Dynamark Monitoring, Inc
  • Emergency 24
  • Emergency Systems
  • ESC Central
  • General Monitoring Services
  • Global Monitoring Solutions
  • GMS
  • Guard Tronic
  • Guardian Protection Services
  • Home Security & Mgt. Co Inc (HSMC)
  • Interface Station
  • Local Alarm Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention
  • Mace CS
  • Mason Monitoring
  • Michigan Monitoring Service
  • Monitoring America Alarm Co-Op
  • Monitoring Partners
  • National Monitoring Center
  • Paladin
  • Paragon System
  • Peoples Communication
  • Protech Monitoring Solutions
  • Quick Response
  • Rapid Response
  • RMR Capital
  • Rocky Mountain Security Services,Inc
  • Safelink Communications LTD
  • Scott Station
  • Security Central
  • Security Partners of Texas
  • Security Services, LLC
  • Security Systems International
  • Southwest Dispatch
  • Teletec
  • TMS
  • TriStar Monitoring LLC
  • U.S. Monitoring, Inc.
  • United Central Control (UCC)
  • United Central Station
  • United Monitoring Service
  • Universal Monitoring
  • USA Central Station Alarm
  • Watchlight Corporation
  • WH International Response
  • Z-TECH Central

What is the wireless sensor range?

The wireless sensor range is 1500 feet in Open air.

What is the sensor battery life?

The nanomax door/window sensor has a 6+ year battery life.

What is the maximum magnet gap for a door/window sensor?

The max gap is 1 inch.

Do you offer takeover modules?

Yes! The RE608 is a universal takeover module that supports Honeywell, GE, 2GIG, DSC, and Napco.

Does the system support cellular communications?

Yes! As a fail-over for alarm signals only. It does not support interactive services.

What cellular service providers are supported?

Verizon is the Clare Controls cellular partner.

Is the cellular service included in any of the plans, or is there a separate fee?

Cellular is included in the premium service plan.

As this is not the standard, you must add the cellular radio to the Cliq.Secure device.

Is there any way to support a home that has been pre-wired for security without using wireless sensors?

Yes! For this instance we offer an 8-zone wired to wireless takeover module.

Are the sensor batteries proprietary?

The nanomax door/window uses a CR1632. These batteries are available at most local stores.

How does the Cliq.Secure communicate with the Cliq.Mini?

The Cliq.Mini communicates with the Cliq.Secure via the local area network. The Cliq.Mini automatically discovers the Cliq.Secure and all attached sensors.

Is there any special router configuration for the

No. The ClareNet IP services to the house via the internet and cellular service do not require any special router configuration. The connection between the Cliq.Mini and the Cliq.Secure is dynamic and does not require static IP address configurations.

What tools will you provide for system configuration?

Basic provisioning of the system (panel set up) is done via Fusion. Fusion communicates directly with the panel and does not require the Cliq.Mini to be online.

Does it provision via cellular?

Once the panel is online, you may add sensors in one of three ways: Fusion, Install Assist App, or through MyClareHome.