Understanding Record Schedule vs. Arming Schedule on ClareVision Cameras

There are two distinct schedules that can be set on the camera: Recording Schedule and Arming Schedule. Recording Schedule controls when the camera records video streams to its SD card. Arming Schedule controls when events (Normal or Smart) are armed and functional. 

Please note, if Arming Schedule is set to capture events but the Recording Schedule is set to the wrong Event Type, you will receive event notifications but no recorded video. 

Our recommendations for setting up these schedules goes as follows: 

  1. Utilize IP Search Tool to find your camera on the network and notate the IP address. 
  2. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the IP address for your camera. 
  3. Log into the camera using the camera’s credentials that you created at setup. 
  4. Click on "Configuration" tab at the top. 
  5. Then, on the side menu, click on “Storage” then on the “Plan Configuration” sub-menu tab to open the Recording Schedule. 
  6. Adjust the recording if needed and click "Save". 
    • Note: Motion Detection recording is enabled 24/7 by default. 
  7. Then, on side menu, click on “System” then on the “Ordinary Event” sub-menu tab. 
  8. On the Ordinary Event page, click on “Arming Schedule” tab. 
  9. Like the Recording Schedule, click on the bar of the day of the week that you wish to adjust and drag the ends of the bar to the desired times for the motion event to be active. 
    • Please note, that the arming schedule is set to 24/7 by default. 
  10. Reminder:  Arming Schedule must fall within the times set in the Recording Schedule for motion detection events to be recorded to the camera’s hard drive. 
  11. Click on Save at the bottom of the page.