Pentair iLink Pool and Spa Release Notes


You can now integrate your Pentair iLink pool controller via RS­232 into your ClareHome project. You can accomplish the integration via the Pentair iLink Protocol Adapter. This adapter converts the Pentair communications bus to RS­232 for use with your ClareHome system. All feedback on the module is in real-time from the iLink adapter.

The Pentair iLink is a high-performance system that lets you control Pentair iLink pools and spas. Connecting the Pentair iLink to a ClareHome control system lets your customers control the their pool and spa temperatures, lights, and cleaner from their mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. To adjust the temperature settings, they can simply slide the temperature set point around the dial on their ClareHome display. The following figures show the Pentair iLink controls on the ClareHome UI.

Image 001

Connecting the Pentair iLink to the ClareHome data network

Once the Pentair iLink is installed, you can connect it to the ClareHome data network, or directly to your CLIQ controller. To make the connection to the ClareHome data network, you will need to attach an IP-to-Serial device to the Pentair iLink and to the ClareHome data network. To make a connection directly to the CLIQ control, connect a serial cable from the Pentair iLink to the serial port on the back of the CLIQ controller.

To connect the Pentair iLink to the ClareHome data network:

1. Attach one end of a Cat 5 networking cable to a port on the ClareHome data network, and then attach the other end of the cable to RJ-45 jack on the IP-to-Serial device. See Figure 4.

2. Attach the one end of an RS-232 cable to the IP-to-Serial device, and then attach the other end to the Pentair iLink device.

Image 002-1

Setting the serial parameters in the IP-to-Serial device

To ensure proper communication between the Pentair iLink and the ClareHome system, you must configure your IP-to-Serial device with the following settings.

Image 003

Note: When setting serial parameters in your IP-to-Serial device, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To connect the Pentair iLink directly to a CLIQ controller:

Attach the RJ12 end of an RJ12-to-DB9 connector cable (included with your CLIQ controller) to the RS-232 port on the CLIQ controller, and then attach the DB9 end of the cable to the serial port on the Pentair iLink.

Configuring in Fusion

After setting up and configuring your Pentair iLink device, you must add and configure it in Fusion. Once added, you can use the Service Wizard to add a service for it. The Service Wizard will step you though the process and auto-populate the fields for you. Follow the steps below to add and configure your Pentair iLink device in Fusion.

To add an Pentair iLink device in Fusion:

1. Click the Devices tab, and then click the New Device button to display the Select Template dialog.

Image 004

2. Expand the Pool folder, and then select Pentair iLink – Pool and Spa from the list. Click OK.

Note: If you are connecting to the ClareHome network, choose Other from the Communication Method dropdown list. Or, if you are connecting directly to a CLIQ controller, choose CLIQ from the dropdown list.

3. In the Details tab’s Name field, enter a name for your Pentair iLink device.

Image 005

4. Click the Configuration tab.

Image 006

5. In the Network Port field, enter port number for the IP-to-Serial device that connects the Pentair iLink device with the ClareHome data network.

Note: Check the documentation that came with the device to determine the proper network port number.

– or –

If you are connecting to a CLIQ controller serial port, select a port from the dropdown list in CLIQ Serial Port’s Value field, as shown below.

Image 007

6. Click the Save button. The Create Service dialog displays.

Image 008

7. Click Open Wizard to display the New Service Instance dialog.

Image 009

8. Ensure the Pool and Spa Service is selected, and then click Next.

9. Fusion displays the New Service Instance Devices tab and auto-populates the control points for the Pentair iLink device.

Image 010

10. Click Finish.

11. Be sure to deploy your project.

Full PDF - Pentair iLink Pool and Spa Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 823)