Install Assist Compatible Devices Product Bulletin


The Install Assist App allows you to add certain Clare Controls compatible devices to a ClareHome project ( or without the need for internet or a configured Fusion project.

Compatible devices

Clare Controls compatible access, Climate, lighting, music, sensor, and water devices can be added using the Install Assist App. See the following for compatible devices.


Access devices control entry to the home. Access devices include door locks and garage doors.

install assist compat 1


Climate devices monitor and control the temperature and environment in the home. Climate devices include thermostats.

install assist compat 2


Lighting devices control the lighting functions of the home. Lighting devices include dimmer, switches, outlets, and keypads.

install assist compatible  3


Clare Home auto-discovers Heos and Sonos music devices.

install assist compat 4


Security devices monitor the home and send alerts when there is an intrusion.

install assist compat 5

Sensors and Water Devices

Sensors and water detection devices are added to ClareHome through Z-Wave and monitor doors, windows, drains, and other areas around the home.

install assist compat 6

Full PDF - Install Assist Compatible Devices Product Bulletin (DOC ID 1564)