Install Assist Best Practices Product Bulletin


The Install Assist App is an installer tool that helps the technician add Z-Wave devices quickly without internet connection or creation of a Fusion project. Using Install Assist Z-Wave devices can be paired and connected to a home system before the home is finished or occupied.

This document contains information on the use and best practices to successfully use the Install Assist App.


  • Creation of a Fusion project is still required for Tech Support and dealer troubleshooting.
  • Install Assist is only compatible with CLIQ.minis with a 03/13/17 or newer build date. If you do not have a with this build date, you must update the to add Z-Wave devices to the home network.

Compatible CLIQ devices

Verifying the is compatible

The’s have a new sticker on the label denoting that they are compatible with the Install Assist App, see Figure 1.

Figure 1

circled label 1

Upgrading the for use with Install Assist

If the does not have the sticker on the label, or a build date of 03/13/17 or newer, it cannot be used with the Install Assist App until it is upgraded.

Note: Upgrading the requires internet connection. If the is going to a site with no internet, it must be upgraded before use on site.

To upgrade the using a wired connection:

1. Connect an Ethernet cable to the and the PoE (Power over Ethernet) port of the supplied PoE injector.

2. Connect a second Ethernet cable to the PoE injector (LAN port), and then connect the other end to the router.

3. Connect the PoE power adapter to the PoE injector, and then plug in the power source.

4. Wait for the’s LED to turn solid blue.

5. Wait for the upgrade process to finish.

During this process, the’s status LEDs flash red and blue. When finished, the LEDs turn and remain solid blue. Once the LED is solid blue, wait 5 minutes.

To set the in AP mode:

1. Locate the recessed push button on the back side 1

2. Insert the paper clip (included in the box), pressing the button down and holding for 20 seconds.

paper clip 1

3. Remove the paper clip and observe the LED behavior. The’s LED indicators alternate red and blue signifying it has entered the reboot state.

4. Once the boots and the LED flashes red in .5 second intervals, it is in AP mode. The mini is now compatible with Install Assist.

Fusion project

Creating a Fusion project

Install Assist allows the user to add devices to the home’s without an existing Fusion project. However, a project must be created in association with each This project is for troubleshooting and advanced Fusion purposes. To access a, the UUID must be available. This UUID is stored in the Fusion project.

Once the is programmed using Install Assist, when the mini comes online, it syncs with Fusion and enables remote access. This allows the dealer to remotely troubleshoot as needed.

Note: If the project is not created, technical support cannot access the to perform troubleshooting steps. Without the project, the dealer or installer must access the customer home and retrieve the UUID.

Fusion Configuration Tool Admin Guide (DOC ID 069)


For more information regarding the Install Assist App, see the Install Assist App Release Notes (DOC ID 1535) and the Install Assist: Compatible Devices Product Bulletin (DOC ID 1564).

Full PDF - Install Assist Best Practices Product Bulletin (DOC ID 1572)