Install Assist and ClareHome Using an Arris RAC2V1A Router Tech Bulletin


Install Assist and the ClareHome apps do not connect to a project when the home uses a Spectrum Arris RAC2V1A router.

App behavior with the Arris RAC2V1A router:

  • The Install Assist app is not compatible with this router.
  • ClareHome connects to this router only after the IP address is manually added.


If the home uses the Arris RAC2V1A router, users must manually enter the IP address in the ClareHome app. Once the IP address is manually added, the ClareHome app can connects to the controller.

If the home is using the Arris RAC2V1A, the installer must use Fusion to add their Alula Connect+ (Resolution Helix) panel.

Use the instructions below to access the controller and add a Connect+ panel to the project.

To manually enter the IP address in ClareHome:

1. Launch the ClareHome app.

The app searches for a controller on the network, finding none it prompts you to add a location.

2. Tap the blue plus icon.

Image 001

3. Enter the network’s name in the Location Name field, and then enter the IP address in the Local Address field.

Image 002

4. Tap Done.

5. Tap the Location in the displayed list.

Image 003

6. Enter the system password when prompted.

Note: The system will accept any PIN unless a PIN has been previously configured. Remember this PIN.

You are connected to the ClareHome project.

Adding a Connect+ panel in a home using the Arris RAC2V1A router

When adding the Connect+ panel to the project, the user must first setup the device using the Connect+ Installer app adding the panel and zones, and then add the device to Fusion.


  • All panel configurations must be made in the Connect+ Installer app.
  • The Connect+ Installer app is only available for iOS devices.

To add the panel using the Connect+ Installer app:

Note: You must have access to the Connect+ panel.

1. Search for Connect+ Installer in the App Store.

2. Download and launch the app.

Note: Verify that Bluetooth is active on the Connect+ device before launching the app.

3. Tap Connect to New Panel, and then tap Default.

Image 004

4. Put the Connect+ panel in enroll mode, by pressing and holding the enroll button on the panel until it beeps.

5. Once the panel is enrolled, tap Panel Configuration.

Image 005

6. Configure the panel as desired. For full panel configuration options, see the Connect+ Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1524).

Image 006

7. Once the panel is configured, return to the main screen.

8. Tap Zones, and then follow the prompts to add and configure new zones as desired.

Image 007

9. Add the Connect+ panel in Fusion.

To add the Connect+ panel in Fusion:

1. Access the project in Fusion.

2. Click the Devices tab, and then click the New Device button.

The Select Template dialog displays.

Image 008

3. Type Connect into the filter box, click the Connect+ panel, and then click OK.

Image 009

The Details tab displays. No further Fusion configuration is necessary.

Image 010

4. Tap the Save icon.

5. Deploy the project.

Once deployed, the Connect+ device is auto-configured based on configuration set up in the Connect+ app.

Full PDF - Install Assist and ClareHome Using an Arris RAC2V1A Router Tech Bulletin (DOC 1798)