FusionPro Release Notes


FusionPro is Clare Controls’ newest dealer tool. FusionPro allows dealers to create and manage their accounts for security and home automation. Most pages are mobile phone friendly, allowing the user the ability to access and make changes as needed easily in the field.

For more information on FusionPro, see FusionPro User Guide (DOC ID 1918).

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FusionPro v1.0.10

Release date: 07/24/20

The FusionPro v1.0.10 release is the FusionPro update. This release contains new features and bug fixes.

New features

The following features are available in the FusionPro v1.0.10 release.


Users are now able to remove themselves from locations and rename their locations in the ClareHome app.

App device management

This release of FusionPro allows users to manage their devices (add, remove, modify) in the ClareHome app.

Resolved issues

The following bugs are resolved with this FusionPro release.

General resolved issues:

  • Systems with remote control rules no longer have "Error getting scenes" issue.
  • Activating new Helix panels now have the Save button enabled.

Resolved issues

Bug #




Dimmer actions are now saved successfully.


“Operate Device” commands save accurately in FusionPro through the app.


Spacing has been optimized in the Actions screens.



Default messages in notification are now friendly and do not display ${default}.


Current staff and page information are loaded before the ability to add new Staff is available.


Users can no longer send duplicate invites to secondary users who have signed up with FusionPro.





Known issues

The following items are known issues in this release.

General known issues pending the next app release:

  • Location changes are not immediately reflected in the app. The user may need to background/restart the ClareHome app to see the changes.

Known issues

Bug #



(iOS Only) Pending the next FusionPro release, MyQ and Honeywell devices added from the app leave the user in a browser on the FusionPro sign in page.

Work around

Close the browser and then return to the app. The device is now available in the app.





Full PDF - FusionPro Release Notes (DOC ID 1982)