Ecobee Thermostat Release Notes


The Ecobee thermostat is a smart thermostat. It has been tested and certified for integration with the ClareHome system. All Ecobee models 2015 and newer are supported with this integration.

By integrating the Ecobee thermostat to a ClareHome control system, your customers can send commands to the thermostat to change modes, cool and heat settings, and fan status from their mobile iOS devices or Android smartphones.

When integrating the Ecobee thermostat into your ClareHome project, no wires or extra connections are necessary. Install the Ecobee according to its documentation, and then connect it directly to Wi-Fi on the home network.

The Ecobee thermostat integrates with the ClareHome system in a way similar to the existing HVAC integrations. All HVAC integrations share a common UI, so that the user experience is consistent.

Temperature settings can be controlled via events. Use Fusion’s Scenes and Rules to automate the actions your customers want.

The Following figure shows the Ecobee controls on the ClareHome UI.

Figure 1: User interface of the Ecobee Wi-Fi thermostat.

(1)  Temperature setting displays on the ClareHome UI in Fahrenheit.
(2)  Change the Heat set point by tapping the up/down arrow.
(3)  Change the Cool set point by tapping the up/down arrow.
(4)  Change the Operation mode by tapping the desired radio button.
(5)  Change the Fan mode by tapping the desired radio button.

Installing the Ecobee thermostat

A qualified installation technician should install the Ecobee thermostat. Refer to the documentation included with your Ecobee devices. Clare Controls does not assume any responsibility for damages caused by improper installation or connection to the network. Register your thermostat with on the Ecobee website before adding and configuring the device in Fusion.

Connecting the Ecobee thermostat to ClareHome

Creating an Ecobee account:

After installation, create an Ecobee account, or log onto your customer’s existing account. Registering and creating the account allow you to assign a name to the thermostat, and later, obtain an access token. This is required for Fusion configuration and function within the ClareHome system.

To create an Ecobee account:

  1. From your browser, access, and then select your thermostat.

  2. Follow the instructions for account creation as prompted.
    • Make sure that you note the email address, password, and thermostat name used. This information is required for Fusion configuration.
    • If a name is not assigned during setup, the thermostat displays its serial number. You must assign a name to the device before adding it to your project.

    Configuring Ecobee in Fusion

    Once you have installed and registered the Ecobee thermostat, configure it in Fusion.

    To add an Ecobee device in Fusion:

    1. Access your project, and then click the Devices tab. 
    2. Click the New Device button to display the Select Template dialog, and then browse to Ecobee.
      Climate > IP Thermostats > Ecobee Thermostat. - (IP)

    3. Click OK.
      The Details tab displays.

    4. Enter a name and notes for the thermostat.
    5. Click the Configure tab. 

    6. Enter values in the following fields:
      • Thermostat ID: Enter the thermostat number associated with that Ecobee thermostat.
        Note: The Thermostat ID is unique. We recommend numbering the thermostat in installation order. For example, the first thermostat installed has the thermostat id of 1, the second thermostat has a thermostat id of 2.
      • Device Name: Enter the same name assigned to the Ecobee thermostat in registration. 
        Note: The device name is case sensitive. 
    7. Click the Save button .
      The Create Service dialog displays.

    8. Click OK, the service is automatically created for you.
      Note: You can select Open Wizard to check or change the controls points as needed.
    9. Deploy your project. You must pair the thermostat after deploying the project.

      Pairing the thermostat

      Note: The device must be deployed before it can be paired.

      After you have configured the Ecobee in Fusion and deployed, you must pair the thermostat to the project. You will need access to the Fusion and the Clare Controls Ecobee website.

      To pair the thermostat to your project:

      1. Access your Fusion project, and then double click on the Ecobee thermostat.
      2. Click the Test tab, and then expand Network Device Authorization.

      3. Click Start Pairing.
        The Operations Arguments dialog displays.

      4. Copy the web address displayed in the dialog (, and then click OK.
      5. Open a new browser tab and browse to the copied url.
        The Clare Controls Ecobee landing page displays.
        Note: If you are currently logged into the Ecobee website, the Authorize App dialog displays. You will not have to log in again.

      6. Login with the credentials used for the Ecobee website.
        You are prompted to authorize ClareHome to access the Ecobee thermostat.

      7. Click Accept.
        The Ecobee token displays.

      8. Click Copy to Clipboard, and then return to the Fusion browser tab.

      9. Click Send Pairing Code.
        The Operations dialog displays.

      10. Paste the token into the Operation Arguments IN1 field, and then click Execute.
        Test the thermostat to ensure that it is connected to ClareHome.

      To test the Ecobee thermostats connection:

      1. Double click the thermostat, and then click the Test
      2. Expand SetPoints.
        The current setpoints are displayed.

      Configuring rules with the Ecobee thermostats

      Configure a rule for your thermostat. The example below shows how to set a rule for alerting the customer of the home’s temperature. If the thermostat reaches above 72°F, an email notification is sent.

      To create a rule for the thermostat in Fusion:

      1. Access your project, and then click the Rules tab.

      2. Click the New Rule button .
      3. Enter a name for the rule, and then select the Enable Rule checkbox.

      4. Configure the Event Part as below.
        • Event Type: Device Property Change Event
          Note: This event type is replacing the Device Property Change Event.
        • Device: Ecobee thermostat
        • Function: Heat Cool Temperature Actuator
        • Property: Heat Setpoint
        • Constraint: <
        • Value: 72
      5. Configure the Action part as below.
        • Action Type: Send Email
        • Recipients: The homeowner’s Email address
          Note: To add an Email address, you must click the green plus icon . Do this for each desired Email recipient.
        • Subject: The purpose of the alarm
        • Text: The information included in the email
      6. Click the Save button , and then deploy the project.

                  Full PDF - Ecobee Thermostat Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1295)