ClareHome v6.2.0 Release Notes


The ClareHome v6.2.0 release includes Amazon Alexa API updates for security support, and several new device integrations including Danalock V3 Smart Lock, August Smart Lock Pro, ClareVue In-Wall Fan Control, and Autonomic.

Amazon Alexa API updates - security

The Amazon Alexa app now supports security control. Using the ClareHome skill with Alexa, now gives the user voice control of their Alula Connect+ panel. Simply ask, “Alexa, discover my devices.” The panel is added and controllable. For full panel control using Alexa, the user must enable Disarm by voice.

To enable disarm by voice in Alexa:

  1. Access your devices, and then tap Security.

    circled security
  2. Using the slider, enable the Disarm by voice setting. 

    2 - security settings
  3. Confirm disarm by voice by tapping OK.

    3 - confirm
  4. Tap Existing security system PINs.


  • PIN creation is done using the Clare app during security configuration.
  • Alexa-specific voice code is not supported.

    4 - voice code

For more Alexa information, see Amazon Alexa ClareHome Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1597).

Danalock V3 Smart Lock

The Danalock V3 Smart Lock is now supported in ClareHome. This lock works with existing door locks, making an ordinary lock into a “smart lock”.

For more detailed information, see Danalock V3 Smart Lock Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1878).

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is similar to the Danalock and allows a homeowner control of an ordinary lock using Z-Wave. This device is connected through Bluetooth enabled Z-Wave.

For more detailed information, see August Smart Lock Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1879).

ClareVue In-Wall Fan Control

The ClareVue In-Wall Fan Control integration allows a user to control their smart fan from the Clare app. This fan integration operates like the existing Clare Controls Lighting Dimmer and is controlled using a slider with 4 fan settings (off, low, medium, and high)

For more detailed information, see ClareVue Lighting Devices Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1792).


The ClareHome v6.2.0 release adds support for Autonomic audio devices including amplifiers and music streaming devices. This integration allows a user to access and control their configured Autonomic music devices through the Clare app, creating a simple and easy to use music service.

The integration is auto discovered in the ClareHome app when it is configured to the project’s home network.

For more detailed information, see Autonomic Integration Release Notes (DOC ID 1862).

Resolved issues

The following issues are resolved with the ClareHome v6.2.0 release.




Full PDF - ClareHome v6.2.0 Release Notes (DOC ID 1882)