ClareHome v6.0.6 Release Notes


The ClareHome v.6.0.6 release addresses issues related to location and time zones.

New CLIQ.minis require a restart after saving and deploying a Fusion project with location information. The ClareHome v6.0.6 release corrects this issue and does not require a restart. If there is no location information saved in Fusion, the user will be prompted for it in their ClareHome app.

Note: Without a location, the project is unable to determine a user’s time zone. If there is no time zone association, schedules and other automations in ClareHome will not properly function.

Location in ClareHome

If a location is not configured when accessing options in the menu, the user is prompted to enter their postal code. This determines the time zone for the user, making schedules and automations accurate.

To set the time-zone in ClareHome:

1. Access your ClareHome project, and then tap the Menu icon.

Mega Menu

2. Tap a configuration option (Add/Edit Devices, Notifications, Scenes, Schedules, Automations, or Reset PIN.)

The user is prompted to enter their postal code.


3. Enter the postal code, and then tap the Search button.

The location information for the postal code displays.


4. Verify the time zone, and then tap Save.

Resolved issues

The following issues are resolved with the ClareHome v6.0.6 release.

v606 resolved issues

Full PDF - ClareHome v6.0.6 Release Notes (DOC ID 1769)