Structured Enclosure Extender Kit Installation Sheet

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The ClareHome Structured Enclosure Extender provides one inch of additional depth and enhanced ventilation for Leviton Structured Media Enclosure and Suttle SOHO Access Enclosure panels (panels sold separately). Use the Extender when installing the ClareHome Streams Integrated Multi-Room Audio device (CS-iMR) in your enclosure panel for added protection against heat build-up.

Available in 28- and 42-inch models (CH-EXT-28 and CH-EXT-42), the Extender attaches between the enclosure panel and the cover to form a frame that has four 1-inch deep metal rails with louvers on the top and bottom rails. The top rail also includes cutouts for both Z-Wave and Wi-Fi antennas.

The kit includes the following:

  • 4 aluminum extender rails
  • 8 #6-32 × 5/16 in. thread forming screws, slot hex
  • 4 #8-32 × 2 in. screws (for Leviton enclosures)
  • 4 #6-32 × 2 in. screws (for Suttle enclosures)

WARNING: Hazard of electrical shock! NEVER install the Extender without first shutting off all electrical power to the enclosure. Exercise extreme caution to avoid physical contact with bare connectors and terminals. Never ground a device to the enclosure or Extender. If you are unfamiliar with wiring in an enclosure, consult a qualified technician. For more information, refer to specific product instruction sheets.

Safety information

  • Read and understand all instructions. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.
  • Do not install this product near communications wiring or components without first ensuring that they have been disconnected at the network interface.
  • Do not touch insulated wires or terminals to this product unless the wiring has been disconnected at the source.
  • Use caution when installing or modifying communication wiring and components near this product.


Assemble the Extender on a table or other flat surface.

To assemble the Extender:

1. Slide the ends of the top and bottom rails over the ends of the side rails. See Figure 1.

2. Use a .25 in. nut driver to seat the eight #6-32 × 5/16 in. screws.

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To mount the Extender:

1. Place the Extender over the enclosure panel ensuring the cutout for the Wi-Fi antenna is on the right side of the panel. See Figure 2.

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2. Align the screw holes on the Extender with screw holes on the top and bottom of the enclosure panel.

3. Insert two #8-32 (for Leviton) or two #6-32 (for Suttle) screws through the two top screw holes and loosely tighten them in the enclosure panel.

4. Place the cover over the Extender and align the keyhole openings over the two exposed screws, and then slide the cover down so that the screws fit into the keyhole notches. See Figure 3.

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5. Insert the two remaining screws (#8-32 or #6-32) through the holes in the bottom of the cover and the Extender, and then into the enclosure panel.

6. Tighten all four screws until they are firmly seated and the cover is secured.

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Warranty information

Clare Controls offers a three (3) year limited warranty on original Clare Controls components, from the date of shipment from Clare Controls. To view complete limited warranty details, including limitations and exclusions,

Full PDF - Structured Enclosure Extender Kit Installation Sheet (DOC ID 287)