General Clare Video Doorbell FAQs

What happens to my doorbell when the power goes out?

The doorbell chime rings after the power goes out, is restored, and doorbell camera reboots. It usually takes about two minutes to complete the reboot cycle.

Does the Clare Video doorbell require a password? If so, what is it?

The doorbell camera requires that a password be set during the activation process. The password is required for access to the doorbell camera from external applications, i.e. ClareHome or a browser.

When the doorbell camera is used with ClareHome AND is connected to the same network as the ClareHome controller, the doorbell password is automatically set to “Secure7519” by ClareHome. If is the case, the installer may get an error when trying to activate with a password. The installer must close the error and then proceed using the ClareVision Plus App.

If there is no associated ClareHome project a password for the doorbell camera is set during the activation process. The password should be safely shared with the homeowner. If the password is lost or forgotten a factory reset and re-activation of the doorbell camera is required.

Does it matter what network I am connected to when adding the doorbell camera?

Yes, the doorbell camera must be connected to the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network. The phone and application used to add the doorbell must also be connected to the same 2.4Ghz network.

Can I modify the username and password for my doorbell camera?

Only the password can be changed. To change the password of the doorbell camera you must access it via the web UI. Follow these steps to change the password.

  1. Ensure your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi to which the camera is joined.
  2. Open the ClareVision Plus application.
  3. Tap the My Devices icon in the lower left corner.
  4. Tap the white + icon in the upper right corner.
  5. Tap Online Device.
  6. Located the camera by the part number “CVP-B2DB50-ODIW” and record the associated IP address.
  7. Open Internet Explorer to browse to the camera by inserting the camera’s IP address in the browser address bar. Note that the computer must be on the same network as the doorbell camera.
  8. You are then connected to the camera login window, enter the current username and password to be changed. The default username/password are (clareadmin/secure7), or if auto-discovered with ClareHome, (clareadmin/Secure7519).
  9. After logging in, click on Configure, then User Management.
  10. Click on the user “clareadmin” in the user list then the Modify button
  11. Follow the on-screen prompts to change the password, then click OK and exit the browser.

How can I adjust the motion detection on the doorbell camera?

Motion detection can be modified using the ClareVision Plus application. Both the motion detection area and sensitivity can be modified to suit the user’s requirements.

Motion Area

  1. Open the application.
  2. Tap the My Devices icon in the lower left corner.
  3. Tap the three dots above the Clare Video Doorbell device to enter the Settings page.
  4. Tap Alarm Notification.
  5. If not already on, turn on Alarm Notification.
  6. Tap Draw Motion Detection Area
  7. The boxes shaded in red and highlighted by a red border are the areas which are set to detect motion. Tap on the boxes until all the areas which should be detection motion are red, then tap the Disk (save) icon in the upper right corner.


While still on the Alarm Notification page.

  1. Tap Motion Detection Sensitivity.
  2. Move the slider until the icon in the image under the slider changes.
  3. Left is least sensitive (icon of walking figure in image) and right is most sensitive (image of mosquito in image). The effective settings are only low, medium and high, there are no variations within those regions.
  4. Tap the Arrow icon in the upper left corner.

Backout to the My Devices page and test your settings. Adjust accordingly.

Does the doorbell camera work with NVRs?

Yes! The doorbell camera works with all ClareVision Plus and Legacy ClareVision NVRs. See Using a Clare Video Doorbell with ClareVision Plus or Legacy NVR.

The doorbell camera supports ONVIF and should work with 3rd party NVRS as well. Refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for third party NVRs.

What chimes work with my doorbell?

The doorbell works with most mechanical doorbell chimes and 16-24VAC transformers. It does not work with digital chimes.

What are the doorbell’s voltage requirements?

The Clare Video doorbell's voltage information is as follows:

  • The doorbells operating voltage range is 15.5VAC to 28.5VAC
  • The doorbell max draw is 12 watts (.7 amps at 15.5VAC)

Note that the absolute minimum operating voltage is 15.5VAC, if at any time the voltage drops to below that, the doorbell camera may reboot causing the chime to sound. In an ideal situation the doorbell camera should never reboot. Rebooting is usually an indicator that the power transformer needs to be replaced.

Can I install multiple doorbell cameras with a single existing chime?

No, each doorbell camera must be installed with it's own chime and power transformer.

Most mechanical chimes support a common power lead and individual connections to support both a "back" and "front" door, enabling doorbell buttons in both locations to work with a single chime and transformer. When either button is pushed, power is applied to the chime without regard to the other button.

This configuration does not work for the doorbell camera as each requires constant and independent AC power. Connecting more than one doorbell camera to a single power transformer or connecting multiple transformers to a single chime could result in damage to the doorbell camera and/or the chime, and will almost certainly cause improper operation.

Can the doorbell camera get wet?

The doorbell is IP54 rated for direct rain water. It is not recommended to pressure wash the doorbell camera. This means…

  • There is limited protection against dust ingress.
  • It is protected from water splashes in any direction.

The doorbell camera is not waterproof.

What can I do to hide wires or preventing IR flashback?

The doorbell camera includes a spacer and a wedge which mount between the doorbell camera and the wall. The spacer allows easy extension of the existing wiring and hiding the 2 provided connectors.

The wedge allows the doorbell to mounted at a slight angle to prevent IR flashback if it is installed directly next to a wall or protruding door trim.

With the either the wedge or spacer, the doorbell can be mounted using the existing holes from a traditional doorbell button.

Can I view my doorbell camera on multiple devices?

The doorbell camera can be viewed from multiple devices (phones or tablets) in one of two ways.

Account sharing - that is each device will log into the ClareVision Plus app using the same account credentials. Each device which attempts to connect to the doorbell camera after the first device will be prompted to insert the doorbell camera verification code. The doorbell verification code is located on the label.

Camera sharing - The original device can share the doorbell camera by doing the following.

  1. Open and view the doorbell camera live feed in the CVP app.
  2. While viewing the feed, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the viewing page.
  3. Tap the Share icon under the image.
  4. Tap Add Recipient.
  5. On the Add Recipient page enter the email address or phone number of the ClareVision Plus account holder with which you wish to share the camera.
  6. Add a remark to give the recipient a common identifier, i.e. “Jan’s Phone”.
  7. Tap the check mark in the upper right corner.
  8. Tap the circle to check the new recipient.
  9. Tap Next on the bottom of the page to open Sharing Details.
  10. On the Sharing Details page, ensure the camera you want to share is listed.
  11. Tap the Arrow icon next to the name of camera you are sharing.
  12. Select the camera options to share.
  13. Tap the Disk icon in the upper right corner.
  14. Tap Finish on the bottom of the page.

The sharing destination device can see the shared camera by doing the following

  1. Open and login to the shared destination device. Remember this must be the same account to which the camera was shared in the previous steps.
  2. Upon opening the app the user will be prompted with a popover window indicating that have a new device to share. Tap View Now.
  3. When prompted, tap Accept.
  4. Back out to the My Devices page and tap the shared cameras to view.
  5. Enter verification code from the cameras label if prompted.

Note: Shared cameras on the destination device will have only a subset of the administrative options found on the device on which the camera was originally registered. For example, you will not be able to set the Alert or motion settings on the shared device, that can only be done on the original device.

How do I know if I need to update my camera firmware?

A blue dot will appear next to the camera name on the My Devices page if any action is required for that camera. Simply tap the right of the blue dot on the My Devices page and subsequent page until you are at the point of execution for the required action, then execute the action, and follow the prompts.

Why is there a “blue dot” next to my camera name in the ClareVision Plus app?

A blue dot will appear next to the camera name on the My Devices page if any action is required for that camera. Simply tap the right of the blue dot on the My Devices page and subsequent page until you are at the point of execution for the required action, then execute the action, and follow the prompts.

The doorbell did not connect, what should I do?

If the doorbell does not connect, please check each of the following items.

  • Read and understand Clare Video Doorbell - Before You Begin.
  • Make sure the SSID your phone is connected to is a 2.4GHz network
  • Verify your Wi-Fi password
  • Verify your signal strength at the doorbell camera location with door shut using Wi-Fi Analyzer (Android), RF Monitor (iOS), or Acrylic Wi-Fi
  • Verify there are no advanced port blocking rules in place on port 8555

What does it mean when I press the doorbell button, and then the device reboots?

If this symptom is repeatable then it is an indication of low power to the video doorbell. Refer to the FAQ “What are the doorbell’s voltage requirements?” Remove the video doorbell and measure the voltage at the doorbell location. If that voltage is under 15.5VAC, replace the transformer.

What do I do when the doorbell does not scan the QR code on the phone?

When the doorbell camera does not scan the QR code displayed on a user’s smart phone, try the following steps.

  1. Take a screenshot of the QR code.
  2. Browse to the phone's gallery, and then tap on the QR code screenshot.
  3. Zoom in on the QR code, and then hold the phone up to the doorbell camera.
  4. Start with the phone 8-10” from the doorbell camera then slowly move the phone closer until the doorbell camera beeps.

When a screenshot is not possible use this alternate solution.

  1. Access the phone's display settings, looking for the option for screen zoom and font. Note: This varies per smart device, see your device's documentation.
  2. Select the highest zoom setting.
  3. Re-scan the QR code.

I'm lost! How do I start over?

The best option is a factory reset. Push and hold the Mode button until the doorbell announces that it is rebooting the device. Once the doorbell camera starts rebooting, delete the doorbell camera from the App, and then start over.