Clare is behind our dealer and builder partners by supporting them from the decision making process, all the way to post-occupancy support. See below for a list of materials designed to support and streamline the smart home buying process.

1. General  Builder Support
2. Educational  Builder Materials
3. Sales Process
4. Model Home  & Design Center
5. Homeowner Support


1. General Builder Support

From learning more about the Clare Builder Program, to helping differentiate your homes with content for your website, our general builder materials are designed to help increase awareness, educate homeowners, and make it easier to advertise smart home technology.

Builder Program Brochure
Brochure covering the Clare Builder Program

Our Builder Program Brochure explains the value and benefits of participating in the Clare Builder Program. It's easy to get started, click to learn more.

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Smart Home Website ContentUse this content on your website to advertise smart home

Differentiate your homes and give real value to potential home buyers using our smart home content for your website.


Reciprocal Website Branding
Reciprocal Website Branding content to use on your website

Advertise Clare as your smart home solution on your website using Clare's content, and we'll feature participating builders on our website.


Press Release Form Template
Press Release request template form

Fill out the fields included in this template. Send to for us to begin a press release on our strategic builder partnership.


Social Media Content
Social Media Content Request

We can help advertise your brand and attract additional potential buyers to your new home communities. Contact learn more.

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Clare Approved Lifestyle ImagesApproved Lifestyle Images_v2.jpg

Smart home lifestyle images can be hard to find and sometimes do not convey the right message. Purchase our "Clare-approved" lifestyle images for use in your marketing efforts. 

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2. Educational Builder Materials

Clare takes great pride in supporting our partners by providing them with educational tools to learn more about smart home technology. Use the below materials to learn more about the lifestyle benefits of owning a smart home.

Clare Builder Playbook
Educational Builder Program Playbook

This step-by-step guide of the entire Builder Program teaches you more about marketing, selling, and supporting smart home technology.

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Clare's 1,800 Supported Devices
Builder and Dealer Educational Material on Clare's Supported Devices

Reference this information to verify that the products you are already using are compatible with the ClareHome platform.

Builder DownloadDealer Support

Learn the Builder Program
Learn the Builder Program content for Dealers

Dealers - are you looking for a scalable, low-cost smart home solution to offer to home builders? Learn more with our Builder Program presentation.

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Builder Selling Strategies
Learn the Builder Program content for Builders

Builders - homeowners are asking for smart home technology, are you prepared? Differentiate and sell more homes with Clare, here's how:


3. Sales Process

It isn't always easy to make sense of all of the smart home technlogy in the market today. Sometimes it seems confusing and hard to understand what products work with certain control systems, and how that can affect your business. The Clare solution is simple to understand, and even easier to sell using the tools outlined below.

Builder & Realtor Sales Training
This video can be used for builder and realtor sales training

What is a smart home? Easily understand the benefits & selling strategies associated with selling home technology by watching our sales video.

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Homeowner Sales Brochure
Smart Home Sales Brochure for Sales Training

Use this sales brochure along with Clare's videos and the smart home packages worksheet provided by your dealer to sell technology options.

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Smart Home Packages Template
Sales team content on smart home packages

 Dealers - do you need assistance in putting together packages for your builder customers? Our sample packages template make it easier!


4. Model Home and Design Center Support

Many builders, installers, and realtors are not sure how to market and sell smart home technology. Clare is making your job easier by providing you an array of materials designed to ease the model home and design center selling process. From videos to homeowner brochures, Clare is supporting you throughout every step of the process.

iPad Mini Smart Home Brochure
Smart home brochure in iPad Mini form to educate homeowners.

Place this iPad Mini Smart Home brochure in your model homes or design centers to help educate homeowners on your smart home capabilities.

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Clare's Smart Home Video
Our downloadable Clare Smart Home Video

Use the Clare Smart Home video on your website, or show to home buyers to better communicate your technology solution.

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Clare's Video Doorbell Video
Clare's Video Doorbell Video

Download the Clare Video Doorbell video to use on your website or as a reach-out marketing tool to increase technology awareness.

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Sales Center Folder InsertIntroduction to Smart Home for homeowners

This Intro to Smart Home flyer can be printed and included in your home info materials to educate buyers. Home buyers love their info packets!

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Smart Home Icon
Use the smart home icon wherever needed.

This Icon can be used on collateral or websites to show home buyers which communities or floor plans are offering smart home tech.

Generic IconClare Branded

Smart Home Email Content
This email content can be used at any stage of the home buying process

Use this email content at any stage of the home buying process to educate customers on the true value of owning a smart home.


Smart Home
FAQ by homeowners

What kinds of questions are homeowners asking? Download our list of the most frequently asked questions related to smart homes.


Homeowner Tri-Fold
Homeowner brochure for use in your outreach to homeowners

Owning a smart home is safe, energy efficient and fun! Use this brochure in your model homes, design centers, or in your homeowner outreach.

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5. Homeowner Support

Clare understands that the builder program support does not end after the house closes. We have a dedicated support team here to help customers after they take ownership of their new home. Questions on how to use the system? Something not functioning quite right? Homeowners can reference our ClareHome App Guide or call our ClareCare support team.

ClareHome App Guide
(Clare's Smart Home App)
ClareHome Application Guide

Our ClareHome App Guide helps dealers, builders, and homeowners understand all of the capabilities and controls of the ClareHome App.

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Closing Binder Info 
(Homeowner Onboarding)Edit this brochure with your logo and content

Customize and print this closing document to include with all other homeowner move-in and warranty documentation. Note: Adobe Acrobat Required

Download - Editable

ClareCare Homeowner
Support Magnet (For Dealers)
ClareCare Support contact info magnet for use on refrigerators

Make sure your customers are satisfied! ClareCare Support magnet can be left on the fridge for homeowners featuring Clare support contact info.

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Our Inside Sales team is here to help!

Do you have questions about the Clare Builder Program or support materials? Reach out to our inside sales department for assistance.

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