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Control almost anything with ClareHome.

Clare - Comfort and Convenience with one touch

With home automation:

Take simple, unified control over many things you use in your home. Convenient one-touch Scenes perform repetitive daily tasks. See more of the comfort, security, and fun that a smart home can provide, and less of the technology that makes it all happen.

Few amenities can enhance your daily life as enjoyably as ClareHome.

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ClareHome Automation

ClareHome is a professionally installed, full-featured home automation solution.  The system scales in size and cost to deliver the same luxury-level performance in homes of all types, from a 1,000-square-foot condo to a 20,000-square-foot luxury home...and beyond.  ClareHome is not a Do-It-Yourself kit that requires technical skills. And, better still, it's not a security company add-on that ties you to an expensive monitoring contract.

You personalize the system to your family’s preferences with our popular applications.  Install what you want today with the confidence that your system can be upsized and updated as your needs evolve and as we introduce exciting new applications.

ClareHome supports all of today's most popular applications:

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance – Security cameras at your doors and in other strategic locations help you keep a watchful eye. More.

Door Lock

Door Locks – Smart door locks let you lock and unlock doors remotely, and receive notifications upon entry. More.


Security – Clare security integration keeps you aware - and in control of – your security system, even when you're away. More.

Garage Door

Garage Door Control – You'll always know if your garage door is open or closed, whether you're in bed or miles from home. More.

ClareVue Lighting

Lighting – Smart lighting means controllable switches, dimmers, Scene keypads, and receptacles, for the perfect lighting ambiance and energy savings. More.


Home Audio – Our multi-room amplifier and in-ceiling speakers fill your home with music from your own library or streaming service (like Pandora, SiriusXM). More

Climate HVAC

Climate – Wireless, smart thermostats help assure year-round comfort and an energy efficient home. More.


Video Entertainment – Home video and theater systems easily integrate, adding convenience and a whole new level of cool. More

Pool Control and More

More – ClareHome works with more than 1,800 devices, including pool and spa controls, motorized window shades, and more. Ask your sales rep about other possibilities.  Ask your sales representative about additional applications. More.