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Clare. And Simple. 
See more security, comfort, and fun. See less of the technology that makes it happen.

ClareHome App

Control your whole home effortlessly with one simple app.

It runs like other apps on your favorite mobile devices: iPhones, iPads, and Android phones. It’s so easy to learn: you'll be an expert in minutes


It's simple to personalize your app (and your system too):  Make it Your Own

Getting to Know ClareHome

View Acrobat pdf - Make a scene

Make a Scene

At night, do you run around your house locking doors, adjusting thermostats, turning off lights and TVs?  Have you ever gone to bed and wondered if you closed the garage door? With a Scene, all you do is tap a “Good Night” icon and let the ClareHome system do all that…and more.

Scenes are home automation routines that combine several system actions into a single command. They are an ideal way to handle repetitive daily tasks (the more complex, the better). They are limited only by your imagination.

More Info:
"How Can Scenes Make Life Easier?" brochure

Clare Anywhere

Imagine the convenience of being able to control your whole home from wherever you happen to be.

Another room? Across town? Across the country? It's all the same to your ClareHome system.

And we understand that remote access to your home cannot come at the cost of home security.  We employ secure remote access protocols to make communications with your Clare system as safe as an online banking transaction.

ClareAnywhere is part of the ClareHome Premium service.

Clare Anywhere